27th July 2021

What is ‘Peace of Mind’?

Peace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquility, a freedom from worry and anxiety.

How can you achieve it?

Well, first of all, it is personal and unique to each individual. YOU need to figure out what’s stopping YOU from having it.

What task are you putting off, but can still feel on your shoulders most days, perhaps making you feel anxious or worried?
Is it writing a will? Making those hard choices as to who will inherit what, or even worse – thinking about who would look after your children should something unexpectedly happen to you?
Is it the thought of taking out a policy to protect your income, and thinking ahead of possible scenarios that could leave you in a desperate situation financially?

Are you putting off these tasks because of cost, or because of the difficulty of the decisions? Or do you simply not wish to think about difficult times in the future?

Is it better to be prepared, perhaps even empowered by knowledge though?
If you sat down and worked through each of the dreaded tasks on your list, all the while getting your eyes opened to the reality of your financial health.. do you think it could take that weight off your shoulders and give you this talked about ‘peace of mind’?

Here at M Reynolds Financial Solutions, we offer financial peace of mind in the form of ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’.

What is ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’?

Lifestyle Financial Planning is financial planning with an end in mind;

  • we help people to get and keep the life that they want;
  • we help people identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle without fear of ever running out of money;
  • we help people to do stuff before it’s too late (yes, we encourage you to work through that bucket list!!);
  • we help people to have clarity and peace of mind about their financial future;
  • we help people to have a life well lived, get a return on their life – are you living your best life right now??

When (financially speaking) you have all your ducks in a row;

  • you understand whether you can afford the lifestyle you are living now, and if you can afford to maintain it well into the future (for the rest of your days ideally!),
  • if it’s what you want – you’ve provisions made for your family for the future, and you’ve left instructions, in your will, for how your children should be cared for if the unexpected were to happen,
  • you’ve thought about and made plans with regards to taxes such as inheritance tax,
  • again if it’s what you want – you’ve made plans to allow your business to continue well into the future without you.

Get all your ducks in a row – because your future is closer than you think!