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Having spent the first 15 years working in financial services in a variety of roles; in 2005 I founded my company – imaginatively named! M Reynolds Financial Solutions Ltd; with the aim of providing financial planning advice to individuals and their families.

Over the years, one of the constants that I found in my discussions with clients, is that many of them have only vague notions about what they want to achieve with their money, and relatively few have a precise set of articulated goals. Our belief, which has become our objective is: if we could build genuine, long-term, value-added relationships with our clients, this in turn would create an environment in which we can assist our clients to clearly articulate their goals and to tackle the issues they face.

It is our belief that people don’t just want a relationship with a firm they can trust, they need it. Especially in an area as complex as financial planning, where there is a lack of understanding, genuine fear of the unknown and risk adversity.

In essence we are a Lifestyle Financial Planning firm offering strategic planning solutions to successful individuals and their families. We work closely with our clients to discover their values, what is important to them and establish their lifestyle goals, plans and objectives as well as their concerns and fears. We then build a clear written plan of action and proceed to implement it, and then work closely with the client to ensure they remain on track as circumstances evolve and change over the years.

Specialties: Lifestyle financial planning, Wealth Management and Investment Solutions.


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