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"Live the life you want"

We see ourselves as ‘Alternative’ Financial Advisers. We believe in telling clients the real truth about money!

We want to work with a small group of clients, with whom we can build an ongoing relationship with. We provide a very intimate service, one which isn’t based on the sale of financial products, but one that revolves entirely around our clients real needs: one in which we help clients to identify and achieve their real financial goals and objectives. We’re more interested in YOU, than your money.

How do we help our clients achieve their objectives?

We do this by our ‘Three Hat’ process!

The first hat we wear is that of a ‘Life-planner’. The Life-planner’s job is to identify exactly where you are now, how you got to where you are now, and more important, where you want to go to in the next 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years. In fact, what it is you want to do between now and the day you die/go into a box! REMEMBER LIFE IS NOT A REHEARSAL, and precious time IS slipping away, our job therefore is to identify exactly what sort of life you want to live and in particular the type of lifestyle you want to enjoy.

Then, when we know what you want to achieve, we’ll then take off our ‘Life-planners hat’ and put on our second ‘Financial Planners’ hat. The Financial Planners job is to identify all of the financial resources available to you now; all of the resources becoming available to you in the future, and more important, all of the resources that you might NEED to become available, in order to satisfy the needs of your ‘life plan’.

When we have this information we then put together a comprehensive plan which will show you what your financial future looks like – and what action you might need to take to achieve your goals/desired lifestyle etc.

Finally, when we’ve agreed on a financial plan, IF any financial products are needed to help satisfy the needs of your financial plan, IF they are, then we’ll take off our ‘Financial Planners’ hat and put on our third hat which is that of an ‘INDEPENDENT Financial Adviser’ in order to identify which financial products or investments from the whole market place should be implemented to achieve your goals.

Our Method:

You get in touch to register your interest. Contact us via email: info@mreynoldsfs.co.uk, or call us on 028 3752 6923.

You can then expect a follow-up call, to establish what you’re looking for, to explain more about our services, and to arrange a meeting.

We will then meet (virtually if preferred) to find out a little more about you, and in turn you a little about us. During this meeting we can determine what it is exactly you want to achieve, and whether our services are of  interest or benefit to you. At this stage you can decide whether you want to continue with our services, or not.

Should you decide to proceed further to the planning stage, we will agree with you the terms and conditions and any further actions. The planning meeting will involve using sophisticated modelling software to show you a “real”  picture of your immediate situation, and what your financial future looks like, or more accurately, the affordability of your planned future lifestyle; answering the big questions like: can you afford to do all the things you want to do for the rest of your life? In short, demonstrating the impact of your financial decisions, dynamically and interactively ahead of time.

We will meet for a third time to discuss implementation of the strategy.

We will meet each regularly thereafter to discuss any changes in your life that may impact your plan, and discuss the progress of your plan against your objective.

Interested? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!


Want to know more?

Call us for a friendly chat on 02837526923 or email: info@mreynoldsfs.co.uk


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