28th October 2021

“How much do you really need for the rest of your life?”



A clever little book written by Paul Armson attempts to help the reader answer the BIG question: How much do you need for the rest of your life?

We have been an advocate of Paul’s ideas for many years, and working with him, we have started to distribute this book to clients and local business owners; because like Paul, we believe that the majority of people have no idea where they are heading financially. They may have assets, investments, and /or high levels of income, but most people have no idea what it all means, or what sort of financial future awaits them.

On the one hand they don’t want to retirement too early, only to discover their money runs out. On the other hand they don’t to retire too late and end up working when they could have been playing! Then again, because of savage taxes due on death, they don’t want to die with too much money… but they are afraid to spend it or give it away!

What we all need to know is: “How much money do I really need for the rest of my life?

We believe that reading this book will show you why knowing how much is enough – for YOU – is so vitally important.

Having an insight into how much money you actually need can be enlightening. It can put you in control. Knowing how much is ENOUGH will give you the freedom to live your life smarter. After all, as the author says: life is not a rehearsal; it needs to be lived to the max.

The book is essentially an introduction to a concept called Lifestyle Financial Planning (LFP): a way to help individuals find this freedom and show how liberating it can be. It also introduces the reader to the concept of the Number. The premise being, that we all know lots of numbers: phone numbers, PIN numbers, account numbers and National Insurance Numbers. But do we know the most important number of all?

It’s the amount of money you need for the rest of your life – not just to survive but to live it to the full.

It’s different for each of us, of course. So what’s your personal number?

Is it a million? Two million? A lot more? A lot less? Is it five million? Ten Million? How much do you really need?

You need to know.

Here’s the thing. You can probably have a lot more fun at 55 than you can at 85. So the earlier you can understand your Number the better. But how much you need, to do everything you want to do, without worrying about cutting back?

Without knowing your Number, how can you plan? How can you decide what’s best?

The great thing about discovering your Number is that when you’ve found it you can then start to build it, nurture it, protect it – and most importantly – ENJOY IT?

Like the author, we firmly believe that good financial planning changes lives. It is the essential tool that can help you to get and KEEP the life you want; to envision your future and find real peace of mind in this hectic world.

Why are we distributing this book?

After years of being a successful financial planner, and more recently working closely with accountants and successful small business owners, delivering more meaningful outcomes; I feel it’s time to do more. Especially for the owners of successful local businesses: a largely forgotten group of individuals and their families, who have the vision, passion and determination; who make the hard decisions and have to live with the consequences; who work long hours; and whose efforts contribute greatly to our society and the local economy.

I believe it’s time local business owners understood the “Truth About Money”. I want to help more of them understand what they need to know most. I want to empower them to take control of their financial future – with the help of Lifestyle Financial Planning.

With the help of this book, it is intended to simply and clearly begin to explain what good Lifestyle Financial Planning really is and how it can help to secure the financial future of those who want to know more; who want more clarity and more peace of mind than ever before.

So here is our pitch. If you are a successful local Northern Ireland business owner and you a really interested in finding out more about this; we have 20 copies that we intend to give away to the first 20 business owners who email us on mark@mreynoldsfs.co.uk.

The only thing we ask for, other than your email address, is your valuable feedback.