1st April 2021

What is it?

Lifestyle Financial Planning is financial planning with an end in mind;
helping people to get and keep the life that they want;
helping people identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle;
helping people to do stuff before it’s too late;
helping people to have clarity and have peace of mind about their financial future;
helping people to have a life well lived.

What it is not?

It is not to answer the question which pension/investment should I choose?

That is not financial planning, that’s financial advice. Believe me there is a difference!
Suffice to say, the answer to the previous question, which pension/investment… will not change your life;
but our belief is that PROPER financial planning, delivered in an inspiring way, YEAR AFTER YEAR, most definitely will!
You see, proper financial planning, proper LIFE CENTRED financial planning starts by helping people answer the question, WHAT IS IT I REALLY WANT?
A searching question, which requires the individual to dig deeper.
However, our experience, when it comes to working with the people we work with; is that what they really want is… One thing.
This may sound really shallow, but there is only one reason why you get up in the morning and bust a gut all day;
there is only one reason if you have started your own business, why you take risks;
is to get this one thing;
That one thing is LIFESTYLE!
The lifestyle you have now and the lifestyle you want in the future: getting it, keeping it, and protecting it.
That is what Lifestyle Financial Planning is, Financial Planning with an end in mind.
If you want to find out more, and what the process involves, get in touch.