1st July 2020

What do they REALLY want? 

Deep down every good adviser knows that clients want the BIG things. They want the BENEFITS. They want peace of mind, financial security, and financial independence. That’s more like it, don’t you think? 

But how to communicate that? How to promote this as an outcomeIt’s all a bit woolly – sounds nicebut what does peace of mind or financial security really mean? 

I think there is something more. There is something more important that clients want. In fact, I would go as far as saying that there is only ONE thing that clients REALLY want. 

So, would not it make sense to focus on helping to communicate and deliver exactly that? Wouldn’t it make sense to focus on that ONE THING? 

Forgive me for sounding perhaps a tad shallow, but when you think about it, there is only ONE thing clients wantthere is one thing they’d bust a gut for. 

There is only ONE thing for which they work all the hours the universe sends. 

There is only one thing that keeps them awake at night. 

There is one thing they want to be sure of. 

And there’s only one thing they want to keep. 

In fact, this ONE THING is so important it is a very thing that determines whether “Financial Security”, Financial independence and “Financial Peace of Mind” will ever be achieved! 

It is so important it determines whether these things can ever be obtained! 

Let me prove it to you. 

Right now, you could be totally financially independent right now. 

Yes, you could have total financial security and complete peace of mind – right now. 

All you have got to do is this: 

Step 1. Sell your car and/ or sell your house, 

Step 2. Take whatever money you have left with, and go here 


Take a cheap flight to Kathmandu, then a short internal flight into Lukla Airport, and then start tracking North You’ll soon come to one of those wonderful little villages all nestled in a beautiful valley. 

Here you can buy yourself a little shack – for next to nothing. Do that, and in that village, you will be the richest person around. 

That is all you’ve got to doand you’ve got it 

Total financial independence! 

You need never worry about money ever again. Sorted. 

Nowyou might have to walk a few miles for your wateror go gather wood for your fire, – but you’ll be financially secure for the rest of your life. And of course, in the mountains, it’s a great place to find real peace of mind! 

“Ah but…!” I hear you say… “what about my BMW? And what about my yacht? and what about my Bang & Olufsen music system? What about the nice things in life?” 

Suddenly it does not seem quite so appealing. 

So, all of a sudden, what was easily achievable – financial independence – is now no longer possible. 

For one reason and one reason only 


Think about it. It’s the only thing that anybody wants! And it’s the only thing they want to keep (apart from their health). 

So, what if you could make that one thing your focus. 

For many the level of focus needed, and skill required to achieve this outcome is a barrier. 

What if you could find someone who would help you? Whose focus, energy, and communication was directed towards understanding and helping you achieve your DESIRED lifestyle? 

That one thing, LIFESTYLE – the ONLY thing that clients want is the very thing we focus our service on 

It is the thing the BEST financial planners focus on. We make it a habit. 

The focus of our service is not about our client’s investmentsIt’s about helping our clients identifyachieve, and maintain their desired lifestyle without risk of running out of money – or dying with too much. It is about helping our clients get and keep a great life! 

Personally, that’s what I’ve been focusing on and delivering for yearsThat’s why I call it: “lifestyle financial planning! 

It is financial planning with an end in mind. 

The end is helping clients to get and keep a great life! 

It is NOT about being top quartile! Or clever planning to save a few quid in tax. None of that matters in comparison. 

Lifestyle is what people work hard to achieve. Lifestyle is what people want to enjoy. Lifestyle is what people want to maintain and improve. 

Ocourselifestyle is different for everybody and that makes our job interesting! 

Lifestyle could be sailing a yacht around the world, or simply being able to live “a comfortable life” or be able to gift to good causes or perhaps create a foundation – something that lives on after you are gone.  

Our job then is about understanding our clients and then helping them identify, achieve, and maintain their desired lifestyle, so they end up with a life worth living. A life well-lived. That is what we do for people.