6th April 2020

Dear All,

It is self-evident we are living through an unprecedented crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and communication is more important than ever. All the normal activities and interactions of society and business across the world have been brought to an abrupt halt. Worse may be to come, and the dangers to health, particularly for the elderly, cannot be overstated.

It will come as no surprise to you to learn that we have suspended all face to face client meeting until such times as it is safe again to do so; Lorraine in client support is now working from home. However, we feel this is not a time to sit on our hands! Rather it is a real opportunity to explore other avenues to make direct contact with you our clients; to let you know that we are here for you; to answer any questions you may have; to keep you informed and a lay any fears or concerns you may have. We propose to do this by phone and other media channels like Zoom – the on-line video conferencing platform. We have also been creating web content to share with you via our blog. Follow us on Twitter by using the twitter link at the top of our website, or https://twitter.com/mreynoldsfsltd

Nobody knows how long the current situation will last, or how deep will be the pain, however, what we do know, is that ‘IT WILL PASS’. Indeed, my personal view is that the worst will be over within just a few months or less, and that life, and the markets, will then start to recover.

I repeat however, that what is important RIGHT NOW, is to let you know that we are here for you. We don’t have to pretend to have any immediate answers, (as nobody has!) though sitting tight, has invariably proven to be the best thing to do in past crises.

In closing, I urge you to contact me whenever you feel the need to, and may I say what a privilege it is for me to be able to write to you at this time of unprecedented turmoil. Rest assured, the team at M Reynolds Financial Solutions is here for you, and my only regret is that I am not able to speak to you all personally.

Stay well